Faith Formation Team

CO-ChairS:  Brian Kohler & Kailey Pretzlaff

The Vision of Faith Formation team is to be the Church of continuous lifelong formation that leads her people to a deeper experience of Christ in union with the magisterium  

Its purpose is to provide guidance and support in order to stimulate and empower all levels of formation opportunities thus fostering households of faith.

The values that guide the team members are commitment, cooperation, open-mindedness, mutual respect, collaboration, positivity, honesty and faith.

The faith formation team at St. Catherine of Siena is given the charge to lead thecommunity in its forward movement in growth, knowledge and in love. This is to happen especially in the area of formation of the Parishioners. The formation team is to impact the formation in two areas: Knowing the faith (why) and living the faith (how).

The vision of Faith Formation team is  to be the church of continuous lifelong formation. What that means is that the formation team will work with those dedicated to its mission to evaluate the formation opportunities available at St. Catherine, determine the quality and effectiveness of those programs, provide any assistance necessary to help those programs have as much impact as possible and help in the creation of new and innovative ways to continue to ignite the formation of our Parishioners.

The members of Faith Formation team are very active and are on fire with the task. The team began its work by creating a spreadsheet that spells out what is in place currently. It has also collected evaluations of those running the existing programs to solicit an honest and accurate profile on the program’s strengths, weaknesses and vision.

The team has also found ways to help and support the existing programs such as adding training in presentation skills for program leaders, small group skills for faith coaches and reaching out to the community for more men and women to participate in the Youth programs. All in all the faith formation team has been working very hard to evaluate where we are, support and shore up what have in place, and to look to the future in helping St. Catherine of Siena be the Church that is the place to be for lifelong formation.