Liturgy Team


The Vision of Liturgy team at St. Catherine of Siena is to invigorate and foster growth in this community’s longing for closer relationship with God through the Liturgy

It purpose is to increase participation and provide  meaningful worship experience leading to conversion , so that ,  parishioners can experience  God’s kingdom in their lives and lead others to the same experience.

The values that guide the team members is faith, commitment, mutual respect (collegiality), active involvement and enthusiasm.

The Liturgy team at St. Catherine of Siena aims to lead the Parishioners to love God and His church. We do this by being visible and available to all in the Parish.  We hope to increase the active participation in the Liturgy by inviting more and more parishioners to the various Liturgical ministries available to the laity. The purpose is to lead the people to love the Eucharist and grow in their faith.  The different ministries under the Liturgy team  conduct  town hall meetings  where members are given an opportunity  to openly dialogue what is happening in the Liturgy and how we can improve  so that we can all come closer to Christ. When the need for Parish wide Catechesis is identified, the Liturgy team collaboratively works with the Formation team to ensure growth of the Parish in its love for Jesus in the Eucharist.

The members of the team are very active and are intimately involved with the various ministries being served. .The team creates a calendar of Liturgical events that is now maintained two months in advance. It discusses pros and cons of each liturgical ministry. The team meets monthly to evaluate the Liturgy and constantly adapts    ways to enliven and enrich the experience for all. The team pays attention to the training of Liturgical ministries.  A rich understanding of not just what we do, but why we do it is sought, so that the Spirit may live and breathe through all of us.

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