St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church

Baptism Preparation Class

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Parents must meet with Fr. Sushil in order to register for Baptism Preparation classes.  The Baptism preparation classes for parents and godparents are offered on the third Monday of each month. Two classes are required, taken in consecutive months. Check with the office for exact dates, particularly around holidays. We provide the basic teachings of the church and emphasize the importance of the child's parents in raising their child in the fullness of the life Christ has given us. Parents are strongly  encouraged to attend the classes before the birth of the child, if possible. Baptisms are held every weekend of the month except during Lent.

The classes include an explanation of the sacrament of Baptism celebrated within the Sunday mass, as is the norm at St. Catherine. Because this sacrament is the celebration of one's entry into God's new life within a particular community (St. Catherine), we ask that all people seeking baptism for their children be active members of the community. As a general rule, we require that all families be registered at least three months before attending the class.


Please call the parish office at (972) 492-3237 for more information.