Safe Environment Training

Protecting God's Children Training 

Scheduled Safe Environment Sessions at St. Catherine's

Date Time Facilitator Scheduled Room
8/13/2019 19:00 George Luke 20A/B
9/7/2019 9:00 Jennifer Kuncl 20A/B
9/17/2019 19:00 George Luke 20A/B
10/15/2019 19:00 George Luke 20A/B
11/12/2019 19:00 George Luke 20A/B
12/17/2019 19:00 George Luke 20A/B


Bishop's Letter 10-October-2018


Thank you for volunteering to assist the people of St Catherine of Siena Parish as part of our ministry team.  Please know that all of us are so grateful for your offer to give of yourself for the greater glory of God!  Our Lord commanded us to “Love one another as I have loved you.”, and you are working to meet that challenge.

As part of this service, you are asked to complete the Safe Environment Awareness Sessions for the Diocese of Fort Worth, undergo a Background Investigation, and supply 3 personal references.  The process is outlined here.  You may find more comprehensive information on this program by following the Fort Worth Diocese Safe Environment Home Page link below.

This is a 3 step process.

The 1st step is to contact the Ministry Leader of the area in which you wish to volunteer!  The Ministry Leaders are:

  • Liturgy & Music – Micheal Cervantes,
  • Children’s Formation, R.C.I.A and Adult Formation – Lauren Triplett,
  • Youth Ministry and Youth Formation –  Ali Hoffman,
  • Community Life or Outreach Ministries – Rosemary Manganilla,
  • Preschool and Mother’s Day Out Director – Susan Sasso (employed staff only)
  • Other Parish Volunteer Areas - Beverly Dawson,
  • Safe Environment Training - Jeanette Page, 972-492-3237 ext. 126

At your initial meeting/interview you will be asked to supply 3 personal references.  You will be asked for their name, phone, address, email address.

 The 2nd step is to attend a Safe Environment Training Session.  You may register for a session of your choosing by following the Fort Worth Diocese Safe Environment Training Page link below.  If you do not already have a Virtus ID/Password, you will have to select the “I Need A Virtus Profile” button.  If you already have an ID/Password, you may select the “I Have a Virtus Profile” button.  Once you have one,  you will then select Register to select a session to attend.  This is what that looks like on the site:

The 3rd step is to complete the Core Screening Background Investigation.  After you complete the Safe Environment Session, the Core Screening Background Check will be triggered by the parish Safe Environment Coordinator.  Core Screening will send you an email with a link in it directing you to their website to authorize the background check.  They will also be requesting the information necessary to conduct that background check.  Please answer the Core Screening Questionnaire completely.

Once the process has been completed, the parish coordinator will notify the department head/pastoral minister that you have fulfilled all diocesan requirements and are available to volunteer. We welcome you and are look forward to your joining our parish ministries.


Leadership Training for Youth:

Teen Leadership Training Program, required for volunteers ages 11-17, is offered through Lauren Triplett, or 972-492-3237 ext. 123.  Contact Lauren for details.

Helpful Links:

Fort Worth Diocese Safe Environment Home Page

Fort Worth Diocese Safe ENVIRONMENT Training Page

Protecting God's Children Registration Instructions

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